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Pad Challenge Day 29

So today’s prompt from “” was either a realism poem or a magical poem, I chose to go with a magical poem, and as fantasy stories and battle and magic and dragons are something I love.. Away we go!


Tale of  A Medieval Warrior on the Night after Battle



Dragon’s fire

In the sky

Lights the ground

As the moon

Prostrates itself to me.

Running my fingers

Through the grass

The dew washes

Away the filth

Of the day’s torment.

Sweet singing

Catches my ear.

A beautiful fairy

Alights upon

A nearby flower.

Her etherial voice

Lightens my heart,

Sleep finally overtakes

The earth.

Dreams of love

And light

Fill my mind.

My eyes are opened

To the beauty and sadness

surrounding me,

My tears fall

Upon my bloody sword

And help cleanse

My torment blackened



PAD Challenge day 23

Today’s prompt from “” was a location poem, and I thought of a few different things. I finally ended on Maine, I used to go there with my family quite a bit when we were kids, and I loved it. Hope you like it.



A small cabin

family built,

rests upon a sandy,

pine shaded

lake shore.

The loon’s call echoes across

the early morning

placid water.

I smile as my canoe

cuts through the lilies

gracing the water’s surface.

Oh Maine,

The gods and goddesses of nature

must have lived here

and left this land,

to remind us of

Nature’s beauty.


Green Yard (PAD Challenge day 19)

Green Yard


I look upon my awakening

suburban yard,

The trees budding,

their new leaves opening,

spreading their filtered green light

over the spring lawn.

The grass comes to life

stretching toward the sun,

endeavoring to touch the orb

of life.

The birds fly from branch to branch

then soar to the ground,

searching for wigglers,

Hiding under the recently rain drenched


The vibrant colors of blooming flowers

draws the bees, birds and butterflies,

searching for a meal and continuing life’s cycle.

The vibrant colors of life I spy,

can look good only against a green


I cannot picture vibrant reds, yellows and pinks

against leaves and lawn of black or


I am glad therefore, that when I gaze

from my window,

I see verdant grass

where the butterfly has landed

and emerald leaves dancing

as the bird lands upon the branch.

Green, Green, Green..,

It is all around me

bathing me

in its exuberant color.

I feel it’s youth

and my strength feels evergreen,


If I Were (PAD Challenge day 14)

Today’s challenge prompt courtesy of “” was If I were. Here is my interpretation. Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think. Thanks.



If I were able to speak

to you in heaven,

I’d tell you I miss you.

If I could speak to you,

I’d ask all those questions

that I did not have when you

were here.

How do I fix this?

How should I raise my kids?

What was your life-like,

before you had me?

How much am I like you and

How much are you like me?

If I were able to speak to you

in heaven, I’d tell you about

your grand-children,

I’d ask if you were

proud of me.

If I could speak to you

while you wait for us in heaven,

I’d tell you that there is not a day

Dad, I don’t miss you

and love you.

I hope you can see the life

I’ve built and I know you’d

be happy for me.

Pad Challenge Day 8

Today’s prompt was a violence poem. I felt a little flummoxed by this choice and thought I would try to come at it from a different way. Here’s what I came up with.



Sitting upon my bar stool

slightly above your eyes,

Eyes that are melting as I

tilt my head in that timeless approach.

Nervous, tense, but happy

your eyes acquiesce

and I close mine with confidence.

Permission has been given!

My lips find yours and a wave of passion sweeps

from my brain to your soul,

then back again.

We kiss tenderly, slowly, then the fire

builds, stoking the engine of our passion.

You dive in violently, my lip exploding

with pain

and pleasure!

Is that blood?

My breath is gone and though I want

this moment to live forever; I must breathe.

We seperate smiling, acknowledging that small

moment of violence, that moment of passion…

our first kiss.

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