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Memorial Day Weekend

I had one of those truly happy days this memorial day weekend. My Wife, I and the kids went to my sister’s house to hang out with her my Brother-in-law and my nieces and nephew. We swam, and contrary to mandate we ate pizza instead of the typical barbecue. No one complained though, about this culinary deviation. It was a day of swimming, sunning and reading by the pool. I love sitting in the sun by the pool with ice-cold adult drinks reading a good book. It was one of those special days when there was not even one argument, even when my Brother-in-Law and I asserted our dominance in the realm of board games.

It was one of those days when all the kids got along (yes the adults as well) a day as close to perfect as possible. It was one of those days that memories are born from! I hope you had a memorable weekend as well and here’s to all of us having as many memorable days as possible.


The Cat Hunts


The Cat Hunts


Sliding silently through

a living room crowded with obstacles

they prowl.

The mouse lies still,

placid upon the carpeted floor.

Those eyes are focused.

Normally those eyes are wide and sweet,

now though, they have a keen dagger

like edge.

Their prey is so close.

The cat waits aloof

uninterested, until…

imagined movement

or a signal that the time is now

and the attack is launched!

claws flare as the eyes narrow into

attack mode.

The cloth-covered toy mouse does not stand a chance.

It is caught and flipped into the raw air

pinned flat upon the carpet by the sharply

clawed paw,

Torn and bitten for a good

3 seconds then abandoned,

interest has been lost.


5 times now and 1

5 times now and 1

I have walked this land

5 times now and 1

I have seen it all

5 times now and 1

I’ve been bored out of my skull

and I ask you

what for?

Mother’s Day ’14

To all those wonderful women who gave us our gifts and nurtured our talents, who loved us when the world doubted, Thank you.

Thank you for giving us life and teaching us how to live.

To all mothers throughout the world thank you and happy Mother’s Day!

Lover’s Silence

My words

They are all I have.

I have no trophies

or great accomplishments,

Just my words,

Of Honor,

Of Love,

Of Support,

Of Kindness.

And you twist them,

Use them in

your mind games.

Throw them back at me,

Warp them,

and never let them go.

You make me use

new words,

Words of anger,




I learned them from you

or you’ve dragged them

From the black mine we

all possess,

But that I thought

was suppressed.

Does this give you joy?

These words, all my

words, will soon

no longer fall

upon your ears.

Only the silent paper,

and anonymous ears, and minds

shall hear them.

I will turn them off around you!



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