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The Whistle Pt.3

Well here it is the final part. I’m sorry for the wait, but life intervened. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think. Thanks

Steve rode the elevator to the lobby, never conscious of the trip. The door opened and he exited, heading to the street in a daze. Someone was calling to him. They seemed excited about some box he had left in the elevator. Steve could only concentrate on the sound echoing violently around his mind. The whistling was so potent now it drowned out all other thoughts, but one: It was over! He had no job, No Jill, nothing. Nothing mattered, nothing tethered him here anymore. His feet shuffled him through town, his mind unaware of his passage. Deep sadness gripped him, how could she not love him, when he loved her so deeply? All those times they shared, all those happy moments, he was sure she loved him also. The whistle grew louder and louder. It would not stop. His heart pounded, darkness was taking over. He shuddered and then it happened; he gave up. His soul quit he could not face it. It was too big. It must end!

The whistling was next to him now, and Steve started. It was then that he realized, his body had brought him to the train station. It was the whistle of one of these engines he had heard, not his head. The train whistle had given him an idea, he knew how to end the pain. He moved through the turnstile, his sluggish feet suddenly found their stride, and he moved with purpose to the yellow warning stripe.  Soon his salvation would come, and he would hurl himself in front of it. His head was suddenly quiet, the whistle was gone. He waited on the stripe that signaled danger beyond its borders, and was ready. Soon the whistle sounded, not in his head , but from the streaming silver chariot of doom, flying toward the station. The whistle he thought screamed his name. Then, as his despair was greatest, His sanity returned to him like an avalanche. The reality of his plan had hit him. The train was getting closer to the station, its whistle calling his name, no it was from behind him. There she was: Jill. She was calling to him from the back of the crowd that awaited the trains arrival. She had come and his soul was relieved, thrilled. Maybe she did love him after all. The train was entering the station as Steve turned to go to her. Suddenly, he felt himself  falling! The whistle was screaming again, as the conductor threw the auxiliary brake, but it was too late. Somewhere in the crowd a woman screamed, and a tiny box fell silently to the ground.

Part 1

Part 2


The Whistle Pt.2

Jill worked on the same floor, as Steve. She was and always would be the love of his life. Their relationship had been rocky, and they had agreed to take a break. He had tried to get her out of his mind, but it was so hard when she was always in his heart. They had both dated other people, something that never went well for Steve. He was handsome, intelligent and compassionate. These traits would have been helpful, if he could have stopped comparing his dates to Jill. Jill was dating also, and though he didn’t like it, he loved her too much to deny her happiness. He knew it was time to do whatever he could to get her back. He couldn’t be without her anymore! So here he was fumbling with something in his pocket, while carrying the contents of his newly cleaned out desk in his other hand. He made his way through the office to her desk, upon arriving he saw a few people around her desk. They seemed to be smiling and congratulating her. The people began moving away as he reached her desk. When Jill saw him, she seemed startled, but she smiled at him.

“Hey Jill. What’s with all the buzz?” Steve asked. Jill swallowed hard “Oh Steve, I wanted to discuss this with you in person. I did not want you to find out this way. The guy I have been dating has asked me to marry him.” Steve looked down at that delicate hand and saw it, an engagement ring. The sound in his head was now a potent whistle, and he began to feel dizzy. “What about us”? He said. Jill began slowly, “We’ve barely spoken lately, and our relationship was always erratic.” Steve in a crushed voice replied, “But you loved me, and some part of you still loves me, doesn’t it”? Jill replied “I did love you.., I did.” He knew what she meant, she did not love him anymore! “I love you Jill. I always have and I always will”! He turned and headed to the elevator. “Steve wait”! she said, but he couldn’t hear her. He couldn’t hear anything, but the screaming whistle in his head. He passed a garbage can on his way to the elevator. Reaching into his pocket he withdrew what he’d been fumbling with and threw it in.

Jill had been watching Him walk away, when her boss came up and asked her some questions. She answered his questions, but she was staring at Steve the whole time. She saw him pause and throw something into the garbage before he entered the elevator. She wanted to go after him, but her boss was still talking to her. As soon as she was done she told  him she was going to lunch, and went after Steve. She still loved him in a part of her heart she tried to silence. He had waited so long to say it, and she had buried it, and there it stayed nearly forgotten. Now, faced with it she wasn’t sure, should she end her engagement or go through with it? She needed to talk to Steve.


The Whistle Pt. 1

Well here is my short-story. I’ll print  a little at a time, don’t worry though, it’s short.  Hope you enjoy!

Steve had arrived at his destination; though he did not remember how he got there. His body had a mind of its own, and had brought him here without his being aware. His brain was not cooperating with his body. The shock of his day was all he could think of. He had wandered mindlessly for what seemed like hours, only to arrive at his train station. He was reeling, he had just had the worst day of his life. In his brain was a constant screaming whistle, drowning out all but the thought he was having since he left work. He tried to think back, but it was so hard with the whistle sounding incessantly.

Jill.., she was all he could think of, but the memory was too much to bear. He had come in to work that morning ready to take a stand for love, but it had all gone south so quickly. His mind fought through the loud whistling in his head as he recalled the events of what he assumed was a few hours ago. All concept of time had been erased by the dread and blackness in his mind. He heard the train coming in the distant, signaled by a long Whistle. That whistle he thought was a good sound, it was the last he’d hear. His thoughts began to drift to earlier this morning, the whistle blowing in the background. Steve was in his bosses office first thing , it seemed odd to him that he was joined by a few others, but he did not worry, he was going to get his love back today!  He thought nothing could dampen his spirit. He was wrong!  The meeting in his bosses office was about downsizing, and all those in there, including steve were getting let go. They had found some redundancy in their positions, and so they would be released. Steve left his ass of a boss’s office to clean out his desk, on the way he heard a sound like air blowing very softly in his mind. It was getting on his nerves, but he dismissed it. He wanted to finish cleaning out his desk, then talk to Jill. He was going to get her back!

Look for pt.2 very soon! Thanks.

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