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excuse me

I’m sorry, can you not see

that your shit is encroaching on me?

Are you not aware of the rules of civility

rules we all try to live by?

Those rules, are for us all to live.

Not for nice people to give and give.

So we choose today to take a stand

and defend our little piece of land,

our homes our space

and remind you kindly,

to your face,

If you are sweet and nice,

you show your grace.

Those that don’t should get outta our space.

So we’re very sorry that we have to say,

you are no longer allowed to mess up our day.


There are two eyes,

dark and lustrous.

They have burned their image

into my soul.

They now reside there permanently,

so when I close my eyes,

they are all I see.

They shine with a dark light

They resonate with mystery.

I want to uncover the clues,

follow each tendril of those mysteries,

until I find the trail that leads me,

home to her soul.


I reached One Hundred followers yesterday, and I wanted to just thank all who read and follow this blog. I will try to continually upgrade my work and put reading worthy content on here. Thank you again and here’s to the next One Hundred.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who landed in Normandy Seventy years ago and to thank all those like my grandfather who fought against the evil that was the Nazis in WWII. This world is still not perfect, but imagine how awful it would be if not for all those who took up arms against an evil dictator. Thank you!

Day Off

I had a day off today. It’s always nice to have one in the middle of the week. It’s quiet and empty in the house and it allows me time to catch up on my writing. Life’s been trying to kick my ass lately, so it’s a welcome little reprieve from the never-ending routine. I worked on my book (progress had ground almost to a halt lately). Typed up the short story I wrote for and about my daughter. I also got a poem in a notebook today. I did a lot of work on my day off, but you know what they say, if you love it, it isn’t work! I wish I had more of these days, hopefully soon I will. Until then bills most be paid somehow, so back to it tomorrow, but then comes the weekend!

A Leader

Saddle up

we ride!

Across the plains

Over the mountains

Out to the sea.

I will look upon,

the stars..,

shining on the eastern shore.


I will see them

grin at me.

teasing me,

tempting me

to rise with them

and take my place.



But remember, they


“when you fall, you fall hard,

so prepare.”

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