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The World is but A canvas to our imagination

-Henry David Thoreau



I have been rubbernecking lately, like a driver on the highway who’s seen an accident on the side of the road. When I start a project and get moving down the highway, I tend to crane my neck to whatever other notebook or project happens to be laying on my desk. It tends to slow me down like those drivers on the highway. Hey, I guess it’s a good thing that I have that many things going on in my head, but boy do I need to just focus straight ahead put my hands on the steering wheel, pedal to the floor, and focus on driving my projects forward.

I guess I would not have a chance at writing if my brain was not jumping, thinking, dreaming, but sometimes I just need to stay in my lane. I need to keep my eyes on the road until I have reached my destination. I need to put down the imaginary phone, stop texting, put my hands at ten and two, and head straight on down the highway of writing! Everyone faces distraction and I’ll figure it out, but I may buy a neck brace!


CurlingRocksThe olympics are here! I must admit I like the winter olympics more than I like the Summer version. I love the look of snow-covered mountains, trees glistening in their white coats. It is moving. I enjoy the hockey, speed skating, ski jumping and others. My favorite of favorites is Curling. There is just something calming about that giant handled stone sliding slowly down the ice, while someone screams at people with brooms in their hands. The way they furiously sweep the ice then stop, then furiously sweep again is pure Zen for me. One of the great aspects is the speed of play, steady and unhurried . This speed allows you to go get a snack or avail yourself of the facilities without missing a moment of the action.

I joke a little but this sport of curling does have some skill. To be able to slide that giant stone down the glistening lane of ice requires a good amount of deftness. To know how much to sweep the ice with those awesome brooms, take practice and training. Sure the competitors don’t always have the prototypical athletes body, though I think that is part of the appeal. I as an everyman sitting on my couch can find an athlete to identify with.

I love to watch as many of the different sports as I can, but the channel doesn’t change once I see those ice lanes with giant blue or red or yellow rocks being slid down their shiny surface. The sound of people yelling at competitors to sweep faster, just sucks me in and I am hooked. So I hope you enjoy the olympics and whatever sports you love, but if you are flipping through the numerous olympic channels and see curling stop a minute and show it some love. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Your Love

Your soul sings to me,

lilting, lounging, it speaks to me,

Of love eternal,undying,

Boundless in its scope.

Your eyes piercing, caressing,

lulling me to that safe place,

Where all I can be is shown

In Their mirror shine.

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