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So it is P.A.D. (poem-a-day) time again, and until this becomes my job, my job is my job, so I will post as much as I can. Let’s start with this entry, and we will proceed from there. Hope you enjoy.



I am still here,

For now!

For a moment,

A twinkle in the eye,

Of the Universe.

An atom, among

Uncountable atoms.

There is more

Than this shell,

This slow-moving

organic miracle.

There must be breath

and consciousness,

There must be more.

There must be light

and nirvana,

A place beyond,

This place,

A dimension

Of grace and awareness.

There must be a place

For my head..

In the universal clouds.

Thought upon thought,

Drawing us closer.

A plane

Where we are we,

And not what we see.


Do You Hear The Whales?

Listen carefully,

Do you hear them sing,

Beneath the sea?

Do you hear

The voices raised in song,

Echoing on the shore?

Do you hear nature,

Joining in chorus?

Their pleas for help,

As the song ascends to the heavens,

Ask yourself..,

Do you hear the whales?


I reached One Hundred followers yesterday, and I wanted to just thank all who read and follow this blog. I will try to continually upgrade my work and put reading worthy content on here. Thank you again and here’s to the next One Hundred.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who landed in Normandy Seventy years ago and to thank all those like my grandfather who fought against the evil that was the Nazis in WWII. This world is still not perfect, but imagine how awful it would be if not for all those who took up arms against an evil dictator. Thank you!

5 times now and 1

5 times now and 1

I have walked this land

5 times now and 1

I have seen it all

5 times now and 1

I’ve been bored out of my skull

and I ask you

what for?

PAD Challenge day 23

Today’s prompt from “” was a location poem, and I thought of a few different things. I finally ended on Maine, I used to go there with my family quite a bit when we were kids, and I loved it. Hope you like it.



A small cabin

family built,

rests upon a sandy,

pine shaded

lake shore.

The loon’s call echoes across

the early morning

placid water.

I smile as my canoe

cuts through the lilies

gracing the water’s surface.

Oh Maine,

The gods and goddesses of nature

must have lived here

and left this land,

to remind us of

Nature’s beauty.


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