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a new way

I saw a way

to a new day

I smiled and we all played


I chose not to frown

or to be dragged down

and so I walked away


You are all so sad

You’ve become easily mad

I’ve walked the same since

I was just a lad

but the day is new


My brain now knows true

that you choose to be happy

or you choose to be blue



Flowing lazily,

through a hazy day,

Flowing languidly,

in a detached way

Flowing beautifully

Through the waves

of life.

Flowing smoothly

on the edge of a knife.

Flow with me

Flow slowly, confidently,

Through life,



There are two eyes,

dark and lustrous.

They have burned their image

into my soul.

They now reside there permanently,

so when I close my eyes,

they are all I see.

They shine with a dark light

They resonate with mystery.

I want to uncover the clues,

follow each tendril of those mysteries,

until I find the trail that leads me,

home to her soul.

A Note

I am attempting a PAD (Poem-A-Day) challenge. I’m taking my prompts from the Writers Digest PAD Challenge. I may not get to post something everyday but I will certainly find time to write something everyday. Today’s prompt was to write a message poem. So here we go!


I left a note

In your carry-on


I left a message

buried in your clothes

A piece of paper

with the words

of my soul.

I hope when

you read it

you’ll know.

The single phrase

that I wrote

will tell you.

Be you away or home,

you’ll never leave my heart.


A Moment of Confidence

I want to dance upon the top

of Olympus.

I want to raise Atlantis

without spilling

a drop of water.

Someday what I’ve dreamed,

will become…

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