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Buddy dressed

hurriedly, haphazardly

A fast comb

A quick check



shoveled like coal

Juice.., orange, cold

Funneled into a

Waiting throat


The grapefruit colored sun

Spreads its waking fingers

Over the dark, slow-moving



Wiping the crusty,  grimy

Still-dream from

blue eyes,  still finding their focus.

The near sleep slough

falling slowly away


Buddy headed out.

There a shed

lonely and dark,

like a sentinel

on the wall of night..,

his destination.

A silver clasp his only obstacle.


The dark poured out

The door was open


the thin flexible pole.

Tethered to it

his plastic buoy,

and trident trap.


The scaly, swift-swimming



The still silent,

sunlight, spattered stream


It,s trickling, tickling whisper

brushes his ears.


A field to cross

Tall purple, pink, waving


The song of the morning playing.


His pace quick, his eyes new..,


Soft dirt, almost muddy, from dew.

There beneath the skin of the earth,

A plethora of slimy, crawling

digging bait,

Soon to feel the trident’s bite.


Fishing is

his game today,

and he cannot wait

to play!

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