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Burned The Bridges

We burned the bridges

And boats,

Left them in smoldering cinders

Upon the shore.


We can not return

To the time,

The place

The home we knew.


The river of time

That we crossed,

Flows on,




We can not

Swim upstream,

Backwards in time.

We chose not to

Swim against progress.


Now we’ve come to a place,

Without spirit,

A Place unnatural, and new,

With no rules.


Can we survive?

Can we find harmony?

Or will we lose ourselves

In the machine.

Will we remember love.


Do You Hear The Whales?

Listen carefully,

Do you hear them sing,

Beneath the sea?

Do you hear

The voices raised in song,

Echoing on the shore?

Do you hear nature,

Joining in chorus?

Their pleas for help,

As the song ascends to the heavens,

Ask yourself..,

Do you hear the whales?

Sunlit Thoughts


brown, burnt





Pine needles.

Shield me,

From the

Chaotic sound

Of the world,

Packed into

Their cars

Gliding by.

I am


In the sunlight.

Watching the world


In a warm,

Beer laden haze.


Do they go?


Must they rush?

A smile,

A sip,

And my mind


to other

Sunlit Thoughts.

PAD Challenge day 23

Today’s prompt from “” was a location poem, and I thought of a few different things. I finally ended on Maine, I used to go there with my family quite a bit when we were kids, and I loved it. Hope you like it.



A small cabin

family built,

rests upon a sandy,

pine shaded

lake shore.

The loon’s call echoes across

the early morning

placid water.

I smile as my canoe

cuts through the lilies

gracing the water’s surface.

Oh Maine,

The gods and goddesses of nature

must have lived here

and left this land,

to remind us of

Nature’s beauty.


A Snowy Walk

The air has shed

It’s early morning warmth.

The sun climbs slowly

Up it’s path,

Shining golden life

Upon the cold, blustery land.

I can smell the snow coming.

My bones shiver, knowing

Soon the world I live in

Will be blanketed in white crystals.

Smothering silence will fall

As streetlights illuminate

A masterpiece of nature.

The blanketed world calls

To the child in me,

“Come walk.”

“Come play in Me.”

And I will!

I will marvel

At the silent beautiful world.

I will stare at the trees,

Clothed in shimmering white.

I will muse in the peaceful silence,

Broken only by the crunching under

My feet.

I look back to see the past,

Tracked by my footprints

In the snow.

The future is shown

In the unmarked snow

Laying before me.

Where will the future lead?

I won’t know until I

Lift and place my footsteps,

One after the other,

In whatever direction I choose.

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