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The Creating of A World

I’m working on a fantasy novel. I want it filled with imagery of the world the characters move through. I want to describe the flora and the fauna, and the sights and smells. I intend to draw upon my youth for this. When I was younger we had woods behind our house, and that is where I spent most of my time. We would build forts and carve out trails. At night we’d have fires (not the most brilliant idea to have fire in the woods but hey we were kids) and torches. I remember the smell of wet leaves and wood. I can still feel the coolness of the shade on a hot summer’s day. The sounds of birds calling in the trees, was soothing. I can remember the squirrels and rabbits scurrying through the underbrush. These are the things I want in my world. I want to write so the reader can smell the dampness, and feel the soft moss underfoot. I want them to hear the trickle of the water as it turns a rocky bend in a creek. Like the books of this genre I loved as a kid (and now) I want the reader to feel like they are walking in the shade under the trees in the coolness of that forest. To feel the wind as it blows through the branches, to hear the creak of the boughs. I think good characters are just as important, but I love when my brain takes over and can see a world in my mind’s eye.


The visitors

The visitors

This guy visited me a few weeks ago. I was in my kitchen doing dishes. When I looked up, he was looking back at me. He didn’t stay very long. I had just enough time to snap a few pictures. Then a week later I was again in my kitchen, with my wife. Out of a different window, a hawk. Just sitting there on a branch. My wife suggested I look up the meaning of these birds as totem animals. The owl symbolizes hidden potential, and transition in life. The hawk represented creative insight, and fulfilling your life’s purpose. Maybe I’m reading too deep into it but I’ll take it as a sign I’m on the right path. So away we go!


Click me to hear the call of the barred owl !

The Next Phase

Now that I have published my first work, the short story “The Frenks”, there is a whole new world opening up. That’s the world of marketing. I feel like I’m back in school studying how to draw interest and reach the right people. It can be overwhelming, but there is a joy in working for something you created. It’s your name on that story and people may not like it . That’s part of the deal. With self publishing It’s all up to you. To describe your work and reach that audience, can be stressful, but I think when I see that my story is selling, I’ll know it was all worth it.



I have been away from here for a while, I know.  It’s not that I had nothing to say, I think that’s an impossibility. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my first short story. Working on a book and writing poetry. The moment is here though the day of the dream my story is published and for sale.  It’s a wonderful thing to see your story there with your name as author, and a price on your work. It’s called The Frenks and I hope you give it a try and I hope you enjoy it.

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