PAD Challenge day 23

Today’s prompt from “” was a location poem, and I thought of a few different things. I finally ended on Maine, I used to go there with my family quite a bit when we were kids, and I loved it. Hope you like it.



A small cabin

family built,

rests upon a sandy,

pine shaded

lake shore.

The loon’s call echoes across

the early morning

placid water.

I smile as my canoe

cuts through the lilies

gracing the water’s surface.

Oh Maine,

The gods and goddesses of nature

must have lived here

and left this land,

to remind us of

Nature’s beauty.



About Derek Rizzo

Author and poet since I remember, I finally decided to live my dream. I'm writing a fantasy novel. Follow-me to share my progresses and glimpses of my story as it comes to life.

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