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My Love

Run with me

I’ll lead you

To the palace

The castle of peace

Where eternal happiness

Is ours.



It’s raining here today. Downpour and lightening.

I find that the characters in my book are at this time experiencing the same thing.

It’s wonderful how something as mundane as the weather can play such a vital role in the telling of the story.

That thought popped into my head  as I was writing, thought I would share it.

I hope the weather is better for you.


Smoky clouds of fog

Rise silently from the world below

My window.

A vision upon the black top,

The smell of fresh rain

On tar

Settles my mind.

The people below, scurry

Umbrellas in hand,

Dashing to jobs or appointments,

Not noticing

The sweetness of that smell.

They don’t,

They can’t remember

That once as humans

That smell signaled hope,

The chance to grow food,

The chance for drink,

To keep you alive.

The black top jungle

claims it’s monkeys,

Their cars scream out

This is my turf.

If they move faster,

Maybe they’ll get there

Before you.

It’s sad they can’t see

The steam, smell the damp.

Cause when they get there

First and alone,

That smell,

that sight,

Is all they’re left with.

Then the world

Will hold it’s breath.

And hope they will

Finally understand

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