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You know, i think i know why the world is such an angry place these days.It’s manners or a lack there of.How many of you hold the door open for someone at a store? Okay now how many of those people you do this for say thanks? You know, when i do it and, they don’t say thank you, I say as loud as i can “you’re welcome”. That always catches them off guard . And please people when you are in traffic let people merge onto the highway it’s not that hard to move over one lane is it? And  please remember to say please and thank you! Not only will it make you feel better it’ll make them feel better. A little more compassion and respect for your fellow man will bring more happiness into the world. And i’m sure that’s never a bad thing!




Working hard

Got a short story I’m working on and a book and poetry. Its a lot but the fact that my brain works after all those years mindlessly slaving away is a blessing. Chase those dreams keep working hard.I hope for all of us it works out .

Just a thought……

We move through life awkwardly, dis-jointed, clumsily. Because we do not know the end. But if we did, would we move at all?

Just a thought!

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