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back from the beach

Hey everybody I’m back from the beach.You will have to excuse my absence but sun and surf were calling I’m working on a book of poetry to sell online.I hope to have it available soon. In the meantime here’s a sample just for you, thanks, hope you enjoy.

Stray not from the wooded path.

Let it lead you into the open.

Keep to the woods,

Let the dark shades calm you.

Wander in the woods,

Let it’s sweet music enlighten you.

Deep sleep,sweet peace,

When you lay your heavy head

Down in a pillow of softest moss.

The oak who guards your sleep

Is watchful.

Sheltering you from the birds of prey,
Waiting out there in the open.

Sweet streams of light and love are yours.

Quench your desires in the rivers of your forest.

Let the cool liquid wash away the burdens

Of the world.

Sleep beneath the winking stars,

Who cry nightly for your plight.

They’re there to bring your sweet dreams to life..,

In your mind at night.

So let the woods take you

Never leave again.

Rest your eyes upon a birch,

And lay beneath it ’til you’re dead.

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