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Sweet Side O’ Life

Sweet side o’ life

I never get to see

Sweet side o’ life

That you hide

So carefully

Sweet side o’ life

I guess

you are not for me

Oh sweet side o’ life

Where the hell are thee?


Long Life

It’s been a long life,

and it is not done


Moss grows

nowhere on me,

and still I’m slowing down.

The hounds have become quicker,

or I’ve slowed.

My feet,

have lost their determination.

The destination,

grows further.

The goal,

My eyes no longer see!

Guide me.

Lead me.

Love me.

Heal me.

Get me through the



lock your fingers in mine

And I will show you,

The sun shining from the

Mountain top.

The world, Our world


bathed in the light

of promise.

Believe me,

Trust me.

We will live that dream.

We will form our world  together

With Love,

Life, and smiles.

All you dream

My love,

We will make come true

With a smile

Your hand in mine.

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