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Tried for Days

I have tried for days

To put my thoughts

In wordy ways.

Yet, to finish

Seems impossible,

With days

Already full.

Pulled this way

To chase the green,

Torn that way

By demons unseen.

The paper, the pen

Just by my side,

But the words the thoughts

Have suddenly died.

Stress and life,

Bills and people,

Family, job

All leave me with strife.

To be clear again

In my ideas

Free to write

And escape my fears,

This is the current aim.

But I cannot get away

from life’s game.


So these words for now

Will have to do,

’cause right now

It’s all I have for you.


It’s Been A Long Time

You make me dance

and jump for your love.

I’ve always played the fool

and it was fun.

I am your fool now,

and The work is hard.

You switch from

emotion to emotion

in a breath!

I cannot sustain

in the whirlwind.

How can I do

what you need,

when you don’t Know

what you want.

In the vast sea of your

insecurity ,

I am drowning!

Where went the joy?

Did you ever have it?

Do I hope

for something,

that will never flower?


It’s been a long time.


Sunlit Thoughts


brown, burnt





Pine needles.

Shield me,

From the

Chaotic sound

Of the world,

Packed into

Their cars

Gliding by.

I am


In the sunlight.

Watching the world


In a warm,

Beer laden haze.


Do they go?


Must they rush?

A smile,

A sip,

And my mind


to other

Sunlit Thoughts.

A Leader

Saddle up

we ride!

Across the plains

Over the mountains

Out to the sea.

I will look upon,

the stars..,

shining on the eastern shore.


I will see them

grin at me.

teasing me,

tempting me

to rise with them

and take my place.



But remember, they


“when you fall, you fall hard,

so prepare.”

If I Were (PAD Challenge day 14)

Today’s challenge prompt courtesy of “” was If I were. Here is my interpretation. Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think. Thanks.



If I were able to speak

to you in heaven,

I’d tell you I miss you.

If I could speak to you,

I’d ask all those questions

that I did not have when you

were here.

How do I fix this?

How should I raise my kids?

What was your life-like,

before you had me?

How much am I like you and

How much are you like me?

If I were able to speak to you

in heaven, I’d tell you about

your grand-children,

I’d ask if you were

proud of me.

If I could speak to you

while you wait for us in heaven,

I’d tell you that there is not a day

Dad, I don’t miss you

and love you.

I hope you can see the life

I’ve built and I know you’d

be happy for me.

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