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Sunlit Thoughts


brown, burnt





Pine needles.

Shield me,

From the

Chaotic sound

Of the world,

Packed into

Their cars

Gliding by.

I am


In the sunlight.

Watching the world


In a warm,

Beer laden haze.


Do they go?


Must they rush?

A smile,

A sip,

And my mind


to other

Sunlit Thoughts.


The Music Of The Band

Scream and wail!

Send that beautiful Music

Through the air.


Make me close my eyes,

And sway along.

Make me abandon

All inhibition, and dance.


Let me forget

for a while.

Light my day

With a thoughtful smile.


Sing to me

Of shared pain.

Remind me through song,

Of forgotten happiness.


Transport me

To another realm.

Where emotion,

and the soul are guides.


I want to

Float here.

In the waves

Of your music.


Free my mind,

Allow it to wander untethered.

And for this,

I will always give homage

To your creation.



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