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English: Fall in New England.

English: Fall in New England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Fall is here, and I love it. Here in my part of the world the nights are cold, and the days are sunny and cool.  This is the southeast, so there may be a slight warm-up, but they are calling for frost Friday night .To me there is nothing better than cool days, waking with a warm coffee, and wearing a sweat-shirt and jeans. So comfortable! I was born in November and if you can be a child of the season in which you were born then I am a fall child. This is my favorite time of the year, the color of the changing leaves like natures paint palette, inspire. The sound of dry leaves being blown down the street take me back to my youth. Those days when you woke up , gathered your friends, and went to the field to play football. The hikes through the woods with colors exploding around you, leaves falling in your path, crunching beneath your feet.  In my opinion the smell of fires burning in fireplaces is one of the best smells on Earth.


Fall brings those cool nights, perfect for sleeping huddled under a warm blanket, and don’t even get me started on what you can do on cold nights in front of a warm fire! I am rejuvenated after a long summer, when natures artistry is on display, inspiration seems to be visible everywhere. Winter is only a few weeks away so I plan to enjoy every bit of nature’s wonder until It’s too cold to leave the house, unless you need to. Happy fall to everyone and I hope it feels as good to you as it does to me!



Into Love

Sunlit Path

Sunlit Path (Photo credit: Roger Smith)

We hiked the dense,

darkened green

of the under-trees.

The canopy dripping dappled sunlight

into our eyes.

There in the cool shade

and sweet-smelling leaves

We kissed.

Suddenly, the world spun


Turning and twisting,

we fell,

into the vortex.

There it was just us.

The colors of the forest,

blending like an artists palette,

until we crashed back

into the earth…,

into love!

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