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Leave Me

Pour out
Fly into
The dark

Leave me…

My soul



Leave my

Mind clear


Leave me



Leave me








Please Wait

Please wait,

For I am catching up.

Please wait,

I will  follow, wherever you go!

Please wait,

I want to stop the sadness.

Please wait,

I want to say I love you!

Please wait,

and I will give you joy.

Please wait,

and we can go home.

Please wait for me

sometimes I move too slow.


A Quote

Gift of Peace

Gift of Peace (Photo credit: YardSale)

Keep Peace in your mind.

Have love in your heart.

Keep your dreams filling your soul

And you will find the gift of  happiness everyday.

We (for Boston)

We have felt the fire

We are no longer afraid.

The fire burned and

showed us the brave

The slow drip of realization

the cold fear of horror

leave us in need of solace.

Together,We stand up!

We rise up!

We will  live forever,

understanding we live

only for a moment.

And in that moment

we are strong!

The Meaning of Life?

Writing Red Roses

I have been thinking more about life lately. What do I want to accomplish, who do I want to be? I have a basic idea of who I will be when I grow up, but things change. I want to do something that makes a difference, not just benefits me. This led me to think, “Why do I want to do this? What makes me human enough to want to influence others?” Since then, I have been thinking about what makes us human and, well, why infact are we human? Why are we here? So, with out further ado, here is my ever-expanding list of Meanings of Life:

1. To create yourself

2. To help someone in need

3. To live a day like you will die tomorrow

4. To stand up for what you believe in

5. To make something beautiful

6. To change something you do not like…

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