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a new way

I saw a way

to a new day

I smiled and we all played


I chose not to frown

or to be dragged down

and so I walked away


You are all so sad

You’ve become easily mad

I’ve walked the same since

I was just a lad

but the day is new


My brain now knows true

that you choose to be happy

or you choose to be blue


Hope for Hope

Things come to us

From around and beyond,

Above and below.

We learn them,

From those we love

We meet

We know.

We learn those things

They make us…

Who we are.

We don’t understand

Until we grow.

We are built…

As we live,

On others love,

Their sadness.

We learn our own

And they mesh.

We come here with

Only our flesh.

We want individuality,

But we live in duality.

Yours, we are,

And ours.

Swimming in our history.

We, through our living

Pass on

To the next lives.

Will we make them

Good husband and good wives?

Will the world prosper or die?

Did we teach them right?

Hope and faith

Must be kindled,



These are the foods upon which,

Souls grow.


Comes from these,

For, even those without,

Hope for Hope!


The Future

She sits there,

looking so young,

new to the world.

In her eyes

the light

of ages shines.



yet never taught.

Innocence still

lingers on her face,

but knowledge stands

in her mind.

Pride glides

to the top

of my well-worn soul.

The next generation

has come

and I feel

all’s well with the world.

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