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Tried for Days

I have tried for days

To put my thoughts

In wordy ways.

Yet, to finish

Seems impossible,

With days

Already full.

Pulled this way

To chase the green,

Torn that way

By demons unseen.

The paper, the pen

Just by my side,

But the words the thoughts

Have suddenly died.

Stress and life,

Bills and people,

Family, job

All leave me with strife.

To be clear again

In my ideas

Free to write

And escape my fears,

This is the current aim.

But I cannot get away

from life’s game.


So these words for now

Will have to do,

’cause right now

It’s all I have for you.


Lover’s Silence

My words

They are all I have.

I have no trophies

or great accomplishments,

Just my words,

Of Honor,

Of Love,

Of Support,

Of Kindness.

And you twist them,

Use them in

your mind games.

Throw them back at me,

Warp them,

and never let them go.

You make me use

new words,

Words of anger,




I learned them from you

or you’ve dragged them

From the black mine we

all possess,

But that I thought

was suppressed.

Does this give you joy?

These words, all my

words, will soon

no longer fall

upon your ears.

Only the silent paper,

and anonymous ears, and minds

shall hear them.

I will turn them off around you!



Triglycerides and Me

English: Triglyceride_Structural_Formulae Deut...

English: Triglyceride_Structural_Formulae Deutsch: Triglycerid_Strukturformel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hard living is catching up to me! Years of fun and frolic, living like a Hobbit, and not caring have caught me on my doorstep. I decided to go get my first checkup in about twenty years. I mean when you are immortal who needs blood tests and Doctors! Well needless to say my cholesterol is a little high. The real problem though is my Triglycerides. My results sheet had a chart on it for low, moderate,  and severe risk. The number for severe risk was 500. My number was 546!  I  told my wife “Hey, when I do something I like to do my best!” I also said “Wow that’s the highest grade I ever got on a test.” I guess my years of sucking the marrow from life were well done, now I have to be an adult and eat right. Boo! Well, it’s not the end of the world, I mean there is medicine and it’s fixable, so no sweat, but boy I’m gonna miss my Carbs. and fried anything. Ice cream and alcohol, my dear friends, we must keep our relationship to a minimum, if we want to spend any time together. We do, oh yes we do! I guess living well now means salads, and fat-free everything. Does this mean I have to drink those low Carb. beers also? It seems it’s time to channel my inner rabbit or bird when it comes time to eating, lots of fruits and greens. I just want to say live it up, but watch how you do it, read labels, and cut the fat and sugars. Wow as I type this, it sounds so depressing, but I guess being dead might be more so! I don’t worry though (the immortal me returning) I will be writing and living for a looooong time, so keep reading.


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