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So it is P.A.D. (poem-a-day) time again, and until this becomes my job, my job is my job, so I will post as much as I can. Let’s start with this entry, and we will proceed from there. Hope you enjoy.



I am still here,

For now!

For a moment,

A twinkle in the eye,

Of the Universe.

An atom, among

Uncountable atoms.

There is more

Than this shell,

This slow-moving

organic miracle.

There must be breath

and consciousness,

There must be more.

There must be light

and nirvana,

A place beyond,

This place,

A dimension

Of grace and awareness.

There must be a place

For my head..

In the universal clouds.

Thought upon thought,

Drawing us closer.

A plane

Where we are we,

And not what we see.


The Funk

Image of tulip taken after rain storm

Image of tulip taken after rain storm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been in a funk lately, and have really been unable to write, well maybe create is the right word. My hands still work, just not my brain.       I have had no inspiration, as the joy of life has not shown with its usual brilliance. Wife and kids, work, these were all I could concentrate on, you know just trying’ to get through. These fits happen from time to time, and usually I find I am unaware until it’s almost over. The end usually coincides with the awareness. My brain awakens, and I begin to work, freeing my mind from the fog. It’s not a sadness or depression. It is more a shutting of the mind to all things not related to getting through the day.  Then like the sun re-appearing after a gloomy rain storm, I feel the joy of living. The zest of life returns, and my mind and soul re-awaken. I guess I just get caught up in the day-to-day. I am back at it though, and the world is beautiful again, and the hamster on the wheel in my head is running marathons!

So that’s where I’ve been, slogging through that morass. So I begin again, to add my thoughts to this blog (now that there are some!).  Please forgive my time away. I hope what comes after will be inspired and inspiring. Thanks for reading and journeying with me.

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