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It’s Been A Long Time

You make me dance

and jump for your love.

I’ve always played the fool

and it was fun.

I am your fool now,

and The work is hard.

You switch from

emotion to emotion

in a breath!

I cannot sustain

in the whirlwind.

How can I do

what you need,

when you don’t Know

what you want.

In the vast sea of your

insecurity ,

I am drowning!

Where went the joy?

Did you ever have it?

Do I hope

for something,

that will never flower?


It’s been a long time.



Starlight Memories

Circles of sweet,

Red-striped joy,

Rest you do,

Upon my

Nestling tongue.

Waves of peppermint

Cover my mouth,

Like the scarf

Upon my shoulders.

Sugary sweet nectar,

Teases my taste buds.

Your clear garments..,


I dispose of casually,

As my tongue and

Your taste becomes


Chasing away

The staleness in my mouth,

You are a decadent dual-threat.

Your round swirling shape

calls me to home,

with snow and love,

With carols sung.

A sweet memory upon the tongue!

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