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Burned The Bridges

We burned the bridges

And boats,

Left them in smoldering cinders

Upon the shore.


We can not return

To the time,

The place

The home we knew.


The river of time

That we crossed,

Flows on,




We can not

Swim upstream,

Backwards in time.

We chose not to

Swim against progress.


Now we’ve come to a place,

Without spirit,

A Place unnatural, and new,

With no rules.


Can we survive?

Can we find harmony?

Or will we lose ourselves

In the machine.

Will we remember love.


untitled #2

So it is P.A.D. (poem-a-day) time again, and until this becomes my job, my job is my job, so I will post as much as I can. Let’s start with this entry, and we will proceed from there. Hope you enjoy.



I am still here,

For now!

For a moment,

A twinkle in the eye,

Of the Universe.

An atom, among

Uncountable atoms.

There is more

Than this shell,

This slow-moving

organic miracle.

There must be breath

and consciousness,

There must be more.

There must be light

and nirvana,

A place beyond,

This place,

A dimension

Of grace and awareness.

There must be a place

For my head..

In the universal clouds.

Thought upon thought,

Drawing us closer.

A plane

Where we are we,

And not what we see.

A Sketch

dreams die with age

New Year

The year has turned.

It’s roll has ended.

Reflections of Past and future

Are taking place in  searching  minds.

Was it good, or was it bad?

Does it matter?

For the year, is like a day,

When it is over,

A fresh new one takes its place.

Alive with possibilities

To fill the new space.

The New World

Wake up!

It’s not a

Brave new World,

stale and stuck

with fancy new toys,

bend your will

to the messages

of loss,

loss of touch

loss of feeling

loss of contact.

Sit in your space,

with your translucent

multitude of friends

Sending thoughts

on a spark.

No voice responds

except you interpretation.

Do you sense the loss

of emphasis and emotion?

I hope it’s not

too late for the young ones!

Did we teach them well?

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