The Cat Hunts


The Cat Hunts


Sliding silently through

a living room crowded with obstacles

they prowl.

The mouse lies still,

placid upon the carpeted floor.

Those eyes are focused.

Normally those eyes are wide and sweet,

now though, they have a keen dagger

like edge.

Their prey is so close.

The cat waits aloof

uninterested, until…

imagined movement

or a signal that the time is now

and the attack is launched!

claws flare as the eyes narrow into

attack mode.

The cloth-covered toy mouse does not stand a chance.

It is caught and flipped into the raw air

pinned flat upon the carpet by the sharply

clawed paw,

Torn and bitten for a good

3 seconds then abandoned,

interest has been lost.



About Derek Rizzo

Author and poet since I remember, I finally decided to live my dream. I'm writing a fantasy novel. Follow-me to share my progresses and glimpses of my story as it comes to life.

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