The Whistle Pt. 1

Well here is my short-story. I’ll print  a little at a time, don’t worry though, it’s short.  Hope you enjoy!

Steve had arrived at his destination; though he did not remember how he got there. His body had a mind of its own, and had brought him here without his being aware. His brain was not cooperating with his body. The shock of his day was all he could think of. He had wandered mindlessly for what seemed like hours, only to arrive at his train station. He was reeling, he had just had the worst day of his life. In his brain was a constant screaming whistle, drowning out all but the thought he was having since he left work. He tried to think back, but it was so hard with the whistle sounding incessantly.

Jill.., she was all he could think of, but the memory was too much to bear. He had come in to work that morning ready to take a stand for love, but it had all gone south so quickly. His mind fought through the loud whistling in his head as he recalled the events of what he assumed was a few hours ago. All concept of time had been erased by the dread and blackness in his mind. He heard the train coming in the distant, signaled by a long Whistle. That whistle he thought was a good sound, it was the last he’d hear. His thoughts began to drift to earlier this morning, the whistle blowing in the background. Steve was in his bosses office first thing , it seemed odd to him that he was joined by a few others, but he did not worry, he was going to get his love back today!  He thought nothing could dampen his spirit. He was wrong!  The meeting in his bosses office was about downsizing, and all those in there, including steve were getting let go. They had found some redundancy in their positions, and so they would be released. Steve left his ass of a boss’s office to clean out his desk, on the way he heard a sound like air blowing very softly in his mind. It was getting on his nerves, but he dismissed it. He wanted to finish cleaning out his desk, then talk to Jill. He was going to get her back!

Look for pt.2 very soon! Thanks.


About Derek Rizzo

Author and poet since I remember, I finally decided to live my dream. I'm writing a fantasy novel. Follow-me to share my progresses and glimpses of my story as it comes to life.

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