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Early April in Georgia's Callaway Gardens

Early April in Georgia’s Callaway Gardens (Photo credit: UGArdener)

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is that time of year again, one of my favorite times. The plants are blooming and the grass is green. The sounds of applause and shouts of Fore! echo through the air. It’s golf season. The Masters is this week and there are few things I enjoy more than, this most wonderful tradition.  Thursday through Sunday, I plant myself in front of a T.V. and think of my dad. Golf was a game he loved and he shared this love with me at a young age. Now, I started playing this game at a young age, though those years of playing have not improved my ability much. Golf is a frustrating game, If football is a game of inches, than golf is a game of millimeters. You must make exact contact with that little white ball or those millimeters turn into yards. Those yards turn into high scores and golf is the one game where lower is better. My dad passed when I was Twenty Three years old, and many years that we could have played together have passed. Golf is my link to him. When I’m on the course and, at some time during the fight to play well I also look around, soak in the beauty of the course. In this moment I say hello Dad. I miss you. Golf is one of those things that always make me think of him, it’s my connection to my past. Now the Masters is the daddy of them all, it has this tradition, and that tradition is something I love. The upholding of this tradition every year involves a few adult beverages, and my butt in front of the T.V. for most of the weekend. This is one tournament that is about the course. It’s natural beauty is one of the reasons it’s the best. With holes named for plants and trees and a stretch that makes you call on your gods for help, it’s amazing. The roar of the crowds the sound of nature, the beauty of blooming Azaleas, nature is on display. The morning dew on the grass the sun shining in the sky, It makes me want to be out there sharing that one peaceful moment with the spirit of my father. Do not miss any opportunity to do those things you love, with those you love because they can be fleeting. Enjoy life, and honor those traditions that you’ve created  during it!

Leave me some comments if you like, about anything in this post. I’d be interested in what family or other traditions people share in. Thanks.



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