Standing in Line

English: iced coffee Deutsch: Eiskaffee mit Sahne

English: iced coffee Deutsch: Eiskaffee mit Sahne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


He is standing in line, at the coffee shop. There is a mother and her young son in front of him. He and his family are here for a Saturday splurge. The boys are having Vanilla bean and hot cocoa, His wife will have  something “Lite”.  The mother and child in front of him wait for the cashier to return. He is thinking of the giant Iced Coffee he wants to order, when he notices a man sidling up to the display case of cold drinks. He seems to be looking for just the right thing. He also, to our observer, seems to be eyeing a place at the head of the line. “Perhaps he’ll ask, before just cutting the line?” thought the observer. The cashier came back and asked the woman in front for her order. While they were ordering,  the newcomer begins to shift and slide his way towards the counter. He has positioned himself to the forward left of our observer, as though he wasn’t there. Our observer can see what’s coming, this man of low-class is going to try to slip him in line.” He didn’t even ask!”, the observer thought, I would have gladly let him go. Now thoughts of indecision grip him. I’m here with my wife and kids, I don’t want to start a fight, maybe I should let it go. He had no sooner  thought this, when the cashier returned from his duties, ready to take our observers order. At that moment, true to our observers observations, the shifty guy pulls out a roll of cash, leans in and asks the cashier if he can pay for his apple juice. He’s in a hurry, and I guess that means  everyone else be damned. Our observer speaks  “Hey! We’re all in line here.” The words just come out flying out of him from some place that still believes in what’s right. “I’m only getting one thing.” Our villain pleads. “We’ve all waited in line, and you could have asked!” Our hero replies, still in disbelief at the words flowing from his mouth. At this point the cashier returned, instructing the villain that if he were in a hurry he could use a register in a distant corner of the store. The villain walked away mumbling obscenities  in front of our hero and his family, but our hero only smiled and placed his order for a large Iced Coffee! He hoped the man would understand what went wrong, but either way he felt confident right had won the day!



About Derek Rizzo

Author and poet since I remember, I finally decided to live my dream. I'm writing a fantasy novel. Follow-me to share my progresses and glimpses of my story as it comes to life.

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