I’m watching public T.V. this morning as I shake off the sleepy feeling still lingering from a restless night. Flipping through the channels, trying to find some mindless entertainment to ease my brain into the day. I happened upon a show about whales. They are such beautiful, intelligent creatures. I was lucky enough to see these gentle giants when I was a kid. My wonderful, excellent grandparents took us whale watching off  the coast of Massachussetts when my sister and I were young. They had us because my parents were trying to work on their marriage. It didn’t end up well. There we were though boarding a boat to take us to a place called Provincetown, along the way we got to see these amazing creatures coming up out of the water to say hello. They were wishing us well on our journey. I remember thinking they seemed just as curious about us as we were about them, and that made me smile. It was the smile of a child who first sees the connection of all things on earth. They seemed to have some similar traits as me, playfulness, curiosity, and joy for living.

Well, here I am watching video of whale watching trips off Hawaii, and the people seemed wrapped in as much wonderment as I had on that day off the Massachusetts coast. The program also showed whales in colder seas being chased by Japanese whaling ships, and there behind them were perhaps my new favorite people on earth, the crew of the sea shepherd. If you’ve never heard of them you should learn about them. They follow these horrible Japanese whaling ships trying to disrupt their killing of the whales. They chase these ships, and throw stink bombs and smoke bombs onto the deck of the whalers. They were even boarding the ships. Not violently, just in a disruptive manner. I thought that going to battle for the whales in a frozen sea where any move could be your last, was very heroic. To take your belief and charge after it with such ferocity, for an animal who cannot defend itself is noble. I want to stand on that deck and throw (I have a pretty good arm by the way!) things at these murderers. I want to disrupt or end these killings. We don’t need their blubber to light our lamps anymore, and really cosmetics have come along to the point where there should be no more killings. Synthetics,people, it’s the way of the future!

The Inuit people hunted whales, but they killed only what was necessary. When you have giant ships that kill these animals in an inhumane way and dump those not dead back into the water, I think it’s time that the world stood up and put an end to it!

As a side note, I’m not positive but I believe there is a show about the Sea shepherd on the animal planet. If there is: it’s going on the top of my TIVO list!



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  1. The whales themselves pay the highest price of the whaling industry. They pay with their lives, many of them dying and leaving behind babies who cannot survive without their mothers. The pain that a whale suffers from harpooning is unspeakable. I wrote a blog post recently in support of empathy and compassion for these majectic royalty of our oceans who are significantly worthy of our greatest respect (link below).

    Many Blessings!

    ~Gerean Pflug for “The Animal Spirits”


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