If I Were (PAD Challenge day 14)

Today’s challenge prompt courtesy of “Writersdigest.com” was If I were. Here is my interpretation. Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think. Thanks.



If I were able to speak

to you in heaven,

I’d tell you I miss you.

If I could speak to you,

I’d ask all those questions

that I did not have when you

were here.

How do I fix this?

How should I raise my kids?

What was your life-like,

before you had me?

How much am I like you and

How much are you like me?

If I were able to speak to you

in heaven, I’d tell you about

your grand-children,

I’d ask if you were

proud of me.

If I could speak to you

while you wait for us in heaven,

I’d tell you that there is not a day

Dad, I don’t miss you

and love you.

I hope you can see the life

I’ve built and I know you’d

be happy for me.

Pad Challenge Day 8

Today’s prompt was a violence poem. I felt a little flummoxed by this choice and thought I would try to come at it from a different way. Here’s what I came up with.



Sitting upon my bar stool

slightly above your eyes,

Eyes that are melting as I

tilt my head in that timeless approach.

Nervous, tense, but happy

your eyes acquiesce

and I close mine with confidence.

Permission has been given!

My lips find yours and a wave of passion sweeps

from my brain to your soul,

then back again.

We kiss tenderly, slowly, then the fire

builds, stoking the engine of our passion.

You dive in violently, my lip exploding

with pain

and pleasure!

Is that blood?

My breath is gone and though I want

this moment to live forever; I must breathe.

We seperate smiling, acknowledging that small

moment of violence, that moment of passion…

our first kiss.

PAD Challenge day 5

A Discovery



I took a trip

through the dark recesses

of my mind.

There I discovered

the long forgotten desire

to love and be loved.

A Note

I am attempting a PAD (Poem-A-Day) challenge. I’m taking my prompts from the Writers Digest PAD Challenge. I may not get to post something everyday but I will certainly find time to write something everyday. Today’s prompt was to write a message poem. So here we go!


I left a note

In your carry-on


I left a message

buried in your clothes

A piece of paper

with the words

of my soul.

I hope when

you read it

you’ll know.

The single phrase

that I wrote

will tell you.

Be you away or home,

you’ll never leave my heart.


A Moment of Confidence

I want to dance upon the top

of Olympus.

I want to raise Atlantis

without spilling

a drop of water.

Someday what I’ve dreamed,

will become…

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